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Posh Tip: Pair Bold With Basic (Or More Bold)

You might think that if you’re wearing a bold outfit, you should pair it with basic, simple jewelry to avoid an overwhelming appearance. While this is a great rule of thumb to keep in mind, it doesn’t always apply. Sometimes, experimenting with pairing a bold outfit with bold jewelry can turn out great. Other times, […]

14 Ways To Start A Mental Detox And Declutter Your Mind.

1. Make a “to worry about” list. Often we don’t worry about things because we think ruminating is productive, we worry because it’s a way to ensure that we don’t forget to deal with something, especially if it poses a risk or threat. Take that out of the equation by writing a “to worry about” […]


These 10 oz soy wax candles are made with love, laughter, and possibly a few tears and they’re an ode to moms everywhere in recognition of the hard work and often unrecognized love that goes into parenting. Every mom needs to laugh, be seen, and to know that she is not alone. These candles are […]

1 Week’s Worth of Outfit Ideas

Are you in a rut when it comes to your outfits? Do you open the closet, stare in at the sweaters, jeans, skirts and pants, and feel totally uninspired about a fun outfit to put together? We’re here to help! Here are seven outfit ideas — one for each day of the week! Sunday: Brunch […]

8 Warning Signs You Are Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted

If you are… Easily irritated. Feeling completely unmotivated – even to do things you normally enjoy. Having anxiety or panic attacks. Having trouble sleeping. Either it takes you hours to fall asleep or your sleep is broken all through the night. Finding your self being short with colleagues and family – you have almost no […]

T-Shirt Baby

Here are 10 different ways to style a t-shirt, that’ll help you leave the best 1st impression! STYLE IT WITH JEANS.   STYLE IT WITH A BLAZER.   STYLE IT OVER A BUTTON UP BLOUSE.   STYLE IT WITH A LEATHER JACKET.   CIGARETTE PANTS   STYLE IT WITH FLARED PANTS.   STYLE IT WITH A PENCIL […]

Small Things

This picture was so cute I had to #repost. Add a little morning cuteness to your weekend. ❤️ you #PoshChicks #fashion #beauty #style #live #love #life #family #peace #weekend #shop #twoposhchicks